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Diamond Shamrock Superfund Site

For years, workers at the Diamond Shamrock plant on Lister Avenue in Newark dumped toxic byproducts of the manufacture of Agent Orange directly into the Lower Passaic.

For more information on this issue, you can view the New Jersey Appellate Court's decision in Diamond Shamrock v Aetna, 258 N.J. Super. 167 (App. Div. 1992).

The potentially responsible parties for this site, Occidental Chemical Corporation, Tierra Solutions and Maxus Energy Corporation are not part of the Cooperating Parties Group. 

In defiance of an EPA order, the Diamond Shamrock parties have refused to participate in the planned cleanup of dioxin at the River Mile 10.9 site in Lyndhurst and have stopped contributing to the completion of the RI/FS being conducted by the CPG with EPA oversight.

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After completing the first phase of a project to clean up the Diamond Shamrock site on Lister Avenue, the Diamond Shamrock parties have not proceeded with a planned cleanup to address the bulk of the contamination at that site.

For more information on the Diamond Shamrock Superfund site, visit the EPA's website.