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Help Save the Lower Passaic

EPA Region 2 is proposing a plan to dredge 4.3 million cubic yards of material from the Lower Passaic River. That’s more than enough to fill MetLife Stadium - twice.

Instead of the five year timeframe projected by EPA, this project will likely take more than 20 years– negatively affecting communities along the entire Lower Passaic River for a generation.

During the recent EPA public meetings, there were many unanswered questions, such as:

  • Bridges that are now only opened a few times a year would be opened a few times a day. How is the EPA going to manage the resulting traffic jams?
  • What air pollution and noise impacts is the community going to have to contend with during the course of this project?
  • Even if this project proceeded 10 times more quickly than the recent dredge at RiverMile 10.9, it would still take more than 20 years instead of the EPA’s projected five years. How is the EPA going to meet the timetables in its plan?
  • The EPA acknowledges that this dredging project may not meet its own criteria for protectiveness. Why doesn’t the EPA remedy address the whole watershed instead of only the sediment?
  • In which local community is EPA going to place its hazardous materials processing facility that will be required to implement this plan?
  • What economic studies have been completed to determine how much potential investment in the River economy will be lost during this project?

The EPA will accept comments on the proposed plan through August 20th.  Please fill out the form to the right, to voice your concerns, and an email will go directly to the EPA.

* Click here to see the text of your letter that will be sent to the EPA *